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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blossom Beats @ Flower Dome, Gardens by The Bay

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953
Operating Hours: 9am to 9pm

#BlossomBeats floral display is available from now till 27th March 2016.

Made use of the chance using free tickets from my company to come and see all sorts of blossoms including Cherry & Peach blossoms. This is the first time the display last for only 2 weeks, this explains the huge crowd here! The crowd makes the trip here unenjoyable. Its like you have to keep moving, to let people have the chance to take pictures and yet you got to wait for people to move in order for you to take a good picture without their faces/part of the head or body inside.

Its also my first time having to queue to go in to Flower Dome, as well as the 2 mini exhibits inside Flower Dome, and the queue is pretty long.

I prefer the Christmas and CNY themes better.

(I am having problems with photo bucket and blogspot, my pictures got jumbled up, I can't type any caption in between my pictures. So this explains why I have this lengthy opening.)

 photo IMG_2639_zps2tcnso3b.jpg

 photo IMG_2685_zpsvtiqxmjd.jpg

 photo IMG_2682_zps1hlk4wnw.jpg

 photo IMG_2681_zpsnqchlqhj.jpg

 photo IMG_2679_zpspbussoiz.jpg

 photo IMG_2676_zpslhg3vg4d.jpg

 photo IMG_2663_zpshl8te6h8.jpg

 photo IMG_2658_zpsmd5qjm9l.jpg

 photo IMG_2646_zpsnoigkxqe.jpg

 photo IMG_2645_zpsnzevosqb.jpg

 photo IMG_2686_zpswfc9hseo.jpg

 photo IMG_2703_zpssoe5w1ch.jpg

 photo IMG_2702_zps7ccrjiie.jpg

 photo IMG_2698_zpsjz71pter.jpg

 photo IMG_2696_zpsrrn9aiac.jpg

 photo IMG_2691_zpsrodei9k6.jpg

 photo IMG_2690_zpsanfxe3ju.jpg

 photo IMG_2689_zpsknae0div.jpg

 photo IMG_2687_zpschmyraui.jpg

 photo IMG_2684_zpsedaifpfi.jpg

 photo IMG_2680_zpsqwnhnvdl.jpg

 photo IMG_2678_zpsbqgqho0k.jpg

 photo IMG_2677_zpszyzkbpn4.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_zpscakubp5d.jpg

 photo IMG_2674_zpsbqmz26ik.jpg

 photo IMG_2673_zps1eo8vqte.jpg

 photo IMG_2671_zpsualq8jzv.jpg

 photo IMG_2669_zpsilc9bske.jpg

 photo IMG_2667_zps6le5a7nh.jpg

 photo IMG_2666_zpsiwfkvkfv.jpg

 photo IMG_2662_zps9xix2ebc.jpg

 photo IMG_2661_zpsqir56b2s.jpg

 photo IMG_2660_zps53dmoqoi.jpg

 photo IMG_2655_zpsvawywcov.jpg

 photo IMG_2654_zps8tuqvmwc.jpg

 photo IMG_2653_zpscabztdlp.jpg

 photo IMG_2652_zpsabgyy9pt.jpg

 photo IMG_2651_zpskqqqarxv.jpg

 photo IMG_2650_zpsgek6ipkt.jpg

 photo IMG_2649_zps3j150mpa.jpg

 photo IMG_2648_zpsltfdsuop.jpg  photo IMG_2647_zpsprgvfh82.jpg  photo IMG_2644_zpsezoychwi.jpg

 photo IMG_2643_zpsavmorvwa.jpg

 photo IMG_2642_zpsgysukwjr.jpg

 photo IMG_2641_zpsmspo6uay.jpg

 photo IMG_2670_zpsh9cuby5i.jpg

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