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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Randoms: What I am doing now.

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Hello! Its been very long again!

Having bird nest while working on a food notebook that I had just started to keep. 1.5 year of eating/cafe hopping. I feel satisfied but of course weight gain is horrible.

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Downloaded a new app and redeemed a free ice milk tea/coffee!

Be back soon. I have lots to do!

I bought a Macbook so that it can keep me company when i come home from work but i was seldom home. :P I chucked it aside, and finally my phone's memory is full and couldn't take anymore pictures, i rigged out my Macbook and realised the battery is drained out. :X thats how bad, and that how a badass i am.  Finally cleared 3 GB of photos out from my phone.

Good night and will blog soon. SOON, i hope.

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