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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dong Ah

The first and last time dining here before they moved a few doors down.

 photo file_zps1e944d89.jpg

No edit, and look at how beautiful this is.

 photo file_zpsb1b5920b.jpg

K went 'crazy' and ordered all these on a hot weekday afternoon, for the both of us.

K: ''How many types of bread you have?''
Auntie: ''4 types, toasr, french toast, thin toast, steamed toast''
K: ''ok, 1 each.''

O.O Thank you. You know I love food.

 photo file_zps280d1296.jpg

Steamed. I had a better steamed toast before, so I find this rather hard & drying.

Go to Hill Street Coffeeshop for a better steam toast. They steamed their bread in dim sum ''longs'' so we guessed thats better as the bread get FULLY STEAMED, instead of putting this plate into the bao steamer.

 photo file_zps3b1affc5.jpg


 photo file_zpsb4a4af9c.jpg

Thin. (My favourite among these 4)

 photo file_zps65ecffdb.jpg


 photo file_zps02691f0c.jpg

 photo file_zps5798ba76.jpg

This is heaven for a hot hot day!

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