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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Penang Day 1: Gurney Ville Apartment, Gurney Plaza, New Lane Hawker, Nasi Kandar Beratur

7th October 2016 Friday (Temperature is around 31deg cel in the day)

  1. DIGI Sim Card at Penang Airport
  2. Collection of rented car from New Bob at Penang Airport
  3. AirBnB Apartment at Gurney Ville
  4. The Little Nyonya Cuisine, Gurney Plaza
  5. Uncle Tetsu and Chaeyen, Gurney Plaza
  6. Mcdonalds, Gurney Plaza
  7. New Lane Hawker
  8. Nasi Kandar Beratur

 photo IMG_4686_zpsdmtczjvl.jpg

Hello and I am back!! Will do 4 brief posts on my penang trip. Need to catch up on many blogposts.

Early Friday morning, very cooling and inconvenient to set off for my holiday.
Wanted to take a train but its just nice peak hour, so I took Uber to the airport instead.

 photo IMG_4689_zpstqzdan6w.jpg

Comfy shoes + mosquito repellent band, all set for many walking and outdoor eating activities.

 photo IMG_4690_zpsu21ms9yr.jpg

As usual, changi airport's mandatory traditional breakfast overtime before we jet off.

 photo IMG_4691_zpszid3sq9a.jpg

 photo IMG_4692_zps7lvx1jpv.jpg

 photo IMG_4693_zpsh4bmiiu8.jpg

Travel partners for the next 4 few days!

 photo IMG_4696_zpsycg3ay5p.jpg

 photo IMG_4698_zpsuekzprim.jpg

Plane got delayed (expected?), we were all at the waiting area but our plane is not in sight. After we boarded the plane, the pilot announced ''apologies for the delay due to PERSONAL reasons''???

 photo IMG_4701_zpsgldmvtkj.jpg

 photo IMG_4702_zpsvxmcr6zr.jpg

 photo IMG_4704_zpsgc9mdmwb.jpg

Cute little 2-year-old accompanying us throughout the trip and she does brings lots of laughters to us. Thankful for the trip as I have see and learnt a lot. Came back feeling more thankful than ever.

 photo IMG_4705_zpshfxazduu.jpg

Hello little cutie who has the same name as my god daughter, Melody.

 photo IMG_4707_zpsgef4jcbm.jpg

Finally plane is here!

 photo IMG_4708_zpsq8b59byg.jpg

 photo IMG_4711_zpsf60pqtty.jpg

Touched down finally!

1. DIGI Sim Card at Penang Airport

 photo IMG_4712_zpsbmrdhosu.jpg

 photo IMG_4713_zpsta2kfcam.jpg

First thing of course is something that we cannot live without. Being kiasu and bought the RM40 for 2.3GB of data as I foresee lots of uploading of videos, pictures as well as IG story. Even though we have WIFI in our apartment.

2. Car Rental from New Bob

Car: Toyota Innova

 photo IMG_4715_zpsmqwotqjh.jpg

Collecting our rented car at Penang Airport.
All thanks to Hazel for sourcing on the best value car during her trip here a month back, and Alain, Reina for liaising with the car rental guy to confirm everything.

We paid around RM160 ↝ S$53.30 each person (total 6 of us) for our 4 days here. If I remember correctly, the car rental charged us for 3 days.

We get around Penang in our car, even to the nearest shopping mall which is about 5-10 minutes walk. We only pumped petrol once throughout the trip, for about RM50 ↝ S$16.65, So cheap!

3. AirBnB Apartment at Gurney Ville

You may see the price, pictures of the apartment here

 photo IMG_4716_zpscpguu9yh.jpg

 photo IMG_4717_zpstpecgkbb.jpg

 photo IMG_4718_zpsvzuqgyr4.jpg

 photo IMG_4719_zpselxvidoo.jpg

 photo IMG_4720_zpsjzafnsbf.jpg

 photo IMG_4721_zps8wyszhng.jpg

The apartment is clean, and there is WIFI, hair dryer, washing machine, iron, shampoo, shower foam, toothbrush, toilet/tissue papers, towels, bottled water provided. The layout here is like our new BTOs, but its so much bigger.

Staying together under one roof makes everything easier, more convenient and safer.

 photo IMG_4722_zpsnickcfkx.jpg

After putting our stuff, we walked out to the nearby mall (and this is the first and last time we walked there, not sure why, its all decided by the drivers and the rest).

 photo IMG_4723_zpsa7eqppnj.jpg

4. The Little Nyonya Cuisine

 photo IMG_4747_zpsyglwkhif.jpg
Sambal Kangkong RM15.90 ↝ S$5.30
Nonya Otak Beancurd RM14.80 ↝ S$4.90
Rendang Chicken RM17.90 ↝ S$5.90
Pandan Chicken RM17.90 ↝ S$5.90
Nonya Assam Pedas Fish Fillet RM22.90 ↝ S$7.60

Finally we had our first meal in Penang, which is suppose to be lunch since we touched down at noon, but maybe due to the big group and delaying here and there, we ended up eating at only 4pm.

Very satisfying, not sure due to hunger or its really good. The chili here are really spicy and good.

After lunch, right outside the restaurant are all the food kiosk, the guys continued with sushi, herbal tea eggs, cheesecakes etc. They can't resist buying, I think they are too deprived of food.

5. Uncle Tetsu and Chaeyen

 photo IMG_4746_zps7kdyarib.jpg
Kurimi Cheesetart RM22.50 ↝ S$7.50 buy 5 get 1 free

Wow so good, I think its better than BAKE, in my opinion. And I didn't have this immediately.

 photo IMG_4742_zpsb2jydcka.jpg
Thai Milk Tea RM6.90 ↝ S$2.30

Purposely shared drinks at the restaurant so that we can buy a cup of Thai Milk Tea, but its very disppointing. Its very lacking in sweetness or the Thai tea fragrance. We did a check and found that its a franchise from Bangkok. Even more disappointing.

 photo IMG_4728_zpsvecwg4kv.jpg

Shopping at Cold Storage! Lots of Calpis, so we bought the Mango one to drink at the apartment.

6. Mcdonalds

 photo IMG_4734_zpsmuil9gj2.jpg

Tempted by this poster... very Hawaiian-like pineapple soft serve.

 photo IMG_4745_zps1ip335ve.jpg
Aloha Sundae Cone RM2.50 ↝ S$0.80

Taste very much like Fruit Plus sweet.

 photo IMG_4750_zps4tkkz3yr.jpg

Back at apartment and goofing around with this cutie, my heart melted whenever she ''ay jie jie!''

This is where I managed to capture a few shots whee she stuff her whole stomach into Hazel's face. HAHAH!

 photo IMG_4751_zpstituahmx.jpg

 photo IMG_4752_zpsppcfatnu.jpg

7. New Lane Hawker

Lorong Baru, George Town, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

 photo IMG_4759_zpsfc7vfauk.jpg

New lane could just be literally translated from Lorong (lane) Baru (new).

Queueing at this apparently looks like the most famous Char Kwey Teow here, with a satay stall right behind me, the auntie is busy fanning the charcoal and I had my back facing it. And a car drove so close to us and brushed past Alain, my heart almost dropped.

 photo IMG_4787_zpsc9gxhydz.jpg
Orh Jian RM15 ↝ S$5
Char Kwey Teow with Duck Egg RM7 ↝ S$2.30
Satay RM11 /10 pieces ↝ S$3.65
Wanton noodles + Dumpling soup RM17.50 ↝ S$5.80
Curry noodles RM4.50 ↝ S$1.50
Popiah RM3 ↝ S$1

We were all very very disappointed at how the food turns out. My friend commented on this picture and told me MUST TRY the CKT with duck egg, but after knowing I didn't like this, he said either I ordered from the wrong stall, or I am just not used to Penang's CKT.

Popiah is soggy.

The only normal food here is Wanton Noodles and satay.

 photo IMG_4762_zps3irapf3s.jpg
 photo IMG_4760_zpsbhyymnfi.jpg

 photo IMG_4763_zpso66hj35n.jpg

 photo IMG_4785_zpsqapvqjqv.jpg

 photo IMG_4786_zpsipt7jirn.jpg

 photo IMG_4791_zpsbv2tx3v5.jpg

 photo IMG_4790_zpsg6yhf62l.jpg
Chendol, Ice Kachang, Aiyu Jelly RM12 ↝ S$4

Best desserts out of the 3 we had. Aiyu Jelly!

 photo IMG_4864_zpsglbkmt63.jpg

 photo IMG_4788_zpst5vvh4qv.jpg

8. Nasi Kandar Beratur

98 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Penang 10300

 photo IMG_4774_zpsyfgt5gmu.jpg

Right after our disappointing dinner, we hopped onto the car and drove slowly to the next place which opens only at 10pm! So we catch some pokemons in the car, then slowly made our way there.
After alighting from the car, saw this really funny road name, in chinese it reads as ''Pork Lane''.

 photo IMG_4775_zpszvmo9dxp.jpg

Wow, a long queue was already spotted 10 mins prior opening!

 photo IMG_4863_zps7hd3v915.jpg
Nasi Kandar RM16 ↝ S$5.30

Its like our mixed vegetables rice, where you order what you want to be topped on your rice. Not exactly cheap but its good. Hazel showed me a video of the stall at 4.30am, and its so packed with people.

This sums up our first day in Penang!

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