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Friday, June 17, 2016

Bangkok Day 4: Som Tam / After You / Kyo Roll En

5th June 2016 Sunday (Temperature is around 34-35deg cel in the day)
  1. Som Tam
  2. After You
  3. Kyo Roll En

 photo IMG_7710_zps5ynuans2.jpg

Its our final day, so we planned to wake a little late today and take bed shots. Wanted to have our last cup of Thai Milk Tea and its not opened. Sad much. Lots of bed shots, so I will post in another post.

 photo IMG_7863_zps2sa2fidy.jpg

Didn't want to bring back air, so I opened a packet of Scallop Chips i bought the night before (Hannah bought a carton for her family, so I had high expectations of this chips) to munch while waiting for the girls. It was decent and normal, you can't really imagine how scallop chips taste like, its like normal chips, not awful. But not worth the effort to bring them back to Singapore though. A pity Butter Chips were sold out at Big C. Thank god I had a pack at home, from Jaslyn.

1. Som Tam

 photo IMG_7868_zpsk5eletoc.jpg

 photo IMG_7869_zps5osxowwn.jpg

 photo IMG_7871_zps1lfnhdng.jpg

 photo IMG_8009_zpsbw6nproc.jpg

After checking out, we had lunch at a very bad service eatery, therefore I also can't be bothered to take a nice picture. We ordered 4 dishes and 3 rice. So, these 3 dishes came with 2 rice, so we asked for another rice and waited for the last dish, it took so long that we asked the service staff, he told us to ''wait'' (I think wait until I reach Singapore, the dish also never come).

Then we decided to start eating while waiting for that dish. When we were almost done with our meal, we asked them again for the dish and they said "beef finish". Wow such "awesome service", and ALL the service staff's faces are as black as coal, such an irony to have "I LOVE service" printed on the sleeve of their t-shirt.

But to be honest, the dishes are not bad, this explains why the eatery is almost full house when we left. I also can't be bothered to check how much these dises are, so I put up their menu for future reference.

2. After You

 photo IMG_7874_zps4e9v00d3.jpg

 photo IMG_7875_zpszzqbxp1r.jpg

We casually ''planned'' to have this daily but time makes it impossible, as I only managed to eat this jus before we leave BKK.

 photo IMG_7880_zpsy74t7yvc.jpg

 photo IMG_8010_zps9hxrhja3.jpg
Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori 265฿ ↝ S$10.30

After having a bad one the day before, we still decided to go ahead to order, wow it's so good!! It comes with sticky rice at the bottom, together with mango cubes, topped with mango-flavoured ice then with thick coconut cream, the cream alone is already good.

 photo IMG_8012_zps7vij68cw.jpg

Mandatory pour shot.

 photo IMG_7975_zpsjldtrape.jpg
Shibuya Honey Toast 185฿ ↝ S$7.20

Had the regular one since its the most famous i guess. Buttery on the inside and crisp outside, comes with 2 regular scoops of ice cream, now I know why they say this is the best toast ever.

 photo IMG_7978_zpsocum8joq.jpg
Matcha Toast 185฿ ↝ S$7.20

Toasts also comes in baby size, but regular scoop ice cream!

3. Kyo Roll En

 photo IMG_8054_zpsifr0vemn.jpg

 photo IMG_8053_zpso4nhe8mw.jpg
Goma Kakigori 159฿ ↝ S$6.20

Another Kyo Roll En in Siam Square! So Nikki (the black sesame gal) requested to try this before we go. Love the smooth soft serve, but not the tasteless and coarse ice. Its topped with black sesame coated mochi balls and kinako powdered warabi.

 photo IMG_7990_zpshn9de7sb.jpg

Then Hannah went off to buy some stuffs, the 3 of us walked around and came to a toy shop that sells so Disney stuffs. Luggage no space and all packed, so I restrain from buying.

 photo IMG_7991_zpske1kkcga.jpg

 photo IMG_7993_zpsbnk0z06d.jpg

 photo IMG_7995_zps9c0k64nd.jpg

Luggage is only 11.6kg! So light but already bursting. After checking in, we went to search for comfort food and decided to settle at this Ramen Shop.

Kin Ramen
 photo IMG_8091_zpso3ufjyyh.jpg

 photo IMG_8002_zpsfdkpnqjk.jpg

 photo IMG_8021_zps1acb8hbb.jpg
Pic credit (centre bottom): Hannah

Airport OOTD.

 photo IMG_8003_zpsp9pfwydu.jpg

 photo IMG_8006_zpsyvuzabgj.jpg

Thanks to Hannah for taking my seat, so I sat with my dong seangs, while Hannah suffered from excessive kicking of chair from the kid behind.

Dear parents, you got to control your kids well, if they get killed outside, its purely your own fault. Kids with no proper upbringing... duhhhhh.

 photo IMG_8066_zpsuihiaari.jpg

Back home and opening ceremony of my Tsum Tsum Piglet Mug. Major love but its very heavy.

Thanks to the girls for making this trip awesome, a good chance for me to escape from my damn work.

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