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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bangkok Day 2: On Lok Yun / Chinatown / The Roast / Maygori / Kyo Roll En / BAKE / ArtBox / Foot Haven

3rd June 2016 Friday (Temperature is around 34-35deg cel in the day)
  1. On Lok Yun
  2. Chinatown
  3. The Roast
  4. Maygori
  5. Kyo Roll En
  6. BAKE
  7. ArtBox
  8. Foot Haven Massage

 photo IMG_7744_zps2qokpcdf.jpg

Its day 2, waking up to a lovely day because only 1 day had past and we had ONE FULL DAY. Lets go!

 photo IMG_7558_zpsm5ymdoak.jpg

As I opened my eyes, not long after, Hannah asked if I would like to have some breakfast she can do downstairs buy. Okay lo!

 photo IMG_7561_zpscylv0lhu.jpg

Became a PI after brushing teeth and washing face. This is how near the street stalls are from us, and our room is on the second floor. Hannah snapping away while buying noodles, bread and milk tea.

 photo IMG_7566_zps7rucs99u.jpg

Behind the scene - While waiting for my turn to snap breakfast picture.

 photo WEVG8773_zpsi7jys1cg.jpg
Butter Sugar Bread 10฿ ↝ S$0.40
Wanton Noodles 40฿ ↝ S$1.55
Thai Green Milk Tea 20฿ ↝ S$0.80

The bread is awful, although charcoal toasted but i prefer the one back home.
The noodles is not not too bad but not our style of wanton noodles, noodles tasted like it's mixed with the black sweet sauce. And as for the Thai Green Milk Tea, you can request less sweet, which is perfect for Hannah & myself.

1. On Lok Yun

72 Charoen Krung Road
 photo IMG_7578_zpsyguwf3rs.jpg

Had been seeing this place so often in IG, we had to come.

The whole shop gives me the Chin Mei Chin feel. The old school kind of coffeeshop.

 photo IMG_7599_zpsgxcfimwl.jpg
2 eggs 25฿ ↝ S$0.98

As usual a photo taking before we commence eating. LOL.

 photo IMG_7594_zpsd4lfs0x0.jpg
Egg Custard Bread with Kaya 28฿ ↝ S$1.10

Love their bread, its so fluffy.

 photo IMG_7595_zpsqxf64erw.jpg
Thai Milk Tea 25฿ ↝ S$0.98

 photo IMG_7596_zpsw27w39rs.jpg
Bread with Butter and Sugar 23฿ ↝ S$0.90

Woah this is so much better than what we had earlier on!

 photo IMG_7597_zpssihmiyrb.jpg
All Day Breakfast 95฿ ↝ S$3.70

 photo IMG_7598_zpsji38w3gs.jpg
Bread with butter and sweetened condensed milk 27฿ ↝ S$1.05

Additional order of this, as we realised we missed it due to no picture on the menu. This is good but a little too sweet as the amount of condensed milk is too generous!

2. Chinatown

 photo IMG_7600_zpssdclen5q.jpg

Stuck at the first shop and bought quite a number of stuffs. Not sure who to give to, but just buy first because I always end up forgetting a few people one.

 photo IMG_7603_zps0ce35hn2.jpg

While Hannah is doing her shopping, we took a very-hot-under-the-sun wefie.

 photo IMG_7602_zpsekijlswo.jpg

Me with my cheap cap, and Jacq's portable fan.

 photo IMG_7610_zpspa1n7wej.jpg

 photo IMG_7604_zpscfsb8ayl.jpg

This place is recommended by Hannah for its noodles. So we got to stop by and try. The length of the shop makes me feel like I am eating in the alley, just that no rats running around yet.

 photo IMG_7607_zpsymlydkuw.jpg

 photo IMG_7608_zpsnddjvntm.jpg

Selfie while waiting for our noodles.

 photo IMG_7625_zpsi36abqno.jpg

2 bowls of noodles and 2 bottles of coke for only 100฿ ↝ S$3.90! We prefer the noodle soup to the dry one.

The portion of noodles is little though, I think the thais eat really little, no wonder they are all so skinny.

 photo IMG_7626_zpschfrw2b7.jpg

 photo IMG_7611_zpschrfeb66.jpg

Then Hannah also recommended pork belly a few doors down. I quickly snapped a picture before hiding in 7-11 for aircon.

 photo IMG_7612_zpsjwqdpljk.jpg

And Hannah found the chinese sausage shop that her family loves! Jacq & myself bought some pork floss, its really good!

 photo IMG_7613_zpsrsphs1a5.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zpsip2jslp8.jpg

Next stop, Hannah highly recommend the bird nest here.

 photo IMG_7627_zps8tctokwz.jpg
Bird Nest in Coconut Husk 450฿ ↝ S$17.55
Bird Nest with Coconut Milk and Mango Slices 500฿ ↝ S$19.50

The Bird Nest in Coconut Husk taste pretty good, however the latter is a weird combination.

 photo IMG_7629_zpspob6umts.jpg

The baby's bird nest hahah 250฿ ↝ S$9.75

You can choose from 3 different bird nest grade. Different prices for different grades.

 photo IMG_7630_zpshi7sft3l.jpg

As the cars cleared off from the road, Jacq told me to quickly take a OOTD. So here is one. And thanks to Hannah & Nikki for looking out for cars.

 photo IMG_7623_zpsjrmb1gyh.jpg

Back to the hotel because we bought too many stuff.

And I think Hannah is buying milk tea again? I can't remember hahah!

After washing up, changed into a new set of clothes, we set off again for The Commons.

The Commons
 photo IMG_7632_zps1cqoz2ok.jpg

 photo IMG_7633_zpsiep3pji5.jpg

 photo IMG_7634_zpswqqg4w1y.jpg

 photo IMG_7635_zps7twqmx3t.jpg

 photo IMG_7668_zpsh0tv1cum.jpg

3. The Roast

 photo IMG_7677_zpsxouxnefv.jpg

Loading on carbs for dinner because we are famished!

 photo IMG_7653_zpsguk0k57n.jpg
Ice Espresso Latte 120฿ ↝ S$4.70

 photo IMG_7657_zpsnuso3icu.jpg

 photo IMG_7658_zpslmvkrg7t.jpg
Mocha 120฿ ↝ S$4.70

Didn't like the coffee here, however the iced espresso is pretty good after putting sugar syrup.

 photo IMG_7662_zpsnolmfv6n.jpg
Matcha Latte 100฿ ↝ S$3.90

 photo IMG_7664_zpsq6o0cay4.jpg
Chicken Schnizel 300฿ ↝ S$11.70

With toasted almonds, long beans and brown butter.

 photo IMG_7666_zpsvjvdpmaz.jpg
Bacon & Garlic Aglio Olio 240฿ ↝ S$9.35
Truffle Alfredo 280฿ ↝ S$10.90

The pastas here are pretty good, and the price is like our Pastamania, super worth it!

 photo IMG_7679_zpsarlhstri.jpg
Panna Cotta 220฿ ↝ S$8.60

4. Maygori

 photo IMG_7670_zpszlrrclob.jpg

A pretty and small cafe, its by After You, so I actually held a high exception. I personally have not try After You, but after all the raves, I expect their ''bingsu'' to be really good!

The service sucks though, after seated for a while, the staff told us to order at cashier. ''Wait la! we haven't even decide''. Put 4 gals together and its a headache when it comes to decisions. Either we had different taste or nobody can come to a conclusion. We finally decided on Houjicha but it was sold out. Back to deciding all over again hahah!

 photo IMG_7671_zpspnmlx8jr.jpg

 photo IMG_7672_zpsjmzyijuw.jpg

 photo IMG_7692_zpsx2s67mqe.jpg
Warabi Mochi 235฿ ↝ S$9.15

Disappointing, with super coarse tasteless ice! Its just ice, with kinako powder, and pieces of warabi, served with black sugar syrup by the side.

 photo IMG_7574_2_zpslgfe1z7q.jpg

I don't know why was I laughing so happily about.

 photo IMG_7683_zpsj50sfxei.jpg

While waiting for Hannah to get her coffee, we saw this housefly and it just won't move, so i decided to test my iPhone camera and try to zoom as much as possible. This explains the shot.

 photo IMG_7684_zpsurdf38w8.jpg

5. Kyo Roll En

 photo IMG_7696_zpswbyv1xk4.jpg

16 outlets in Thailand, and we went to the one at Emquartier. We order the exclusive dish to this outlet but was sold out.

 photo IMG_7693_zpsyxks7bch.jpg
Zen Roll Set 219฿ ↝ S$8.55

The set comes with a slice of bamboo charcoal matcha roll, charcoal-matcha soft serve, matcha nama chocolate, Warabi, strawberry and matcha sauce by the side.

 photo IMG_7741_zpscld13h6x.jpg
Raindrop Mizu Mochi 135฿ ↝ S$5.25

Hannah requested to try this, which is a storm over the social media during a period. Its really not fantastic. But glad to try this at least once. As it is flavourless, it comes with kinako powder and black sugar syrup.


 photo IMG_7742_zpstdkominm.jpg

 photo IMG_7743_zpsn7otkdrb.jpg
80฿ each ↝ S$3.10 each
450฿ a box of 6 ↝ S$17.50 a box of 6

Finally tried these, and thank god I did not queue for hours at our Orchard Ion outlet because I didn't like it at all. Not the crust, not the cheese filling. I still prefer Prima's cheese tarts, nice and cheap.

 photo IMG_7745_zpsqniwldal.jpg

And because it always happens during travelling - constipation. HAHA!

Phrom Phong BTS
 photo IMG_7707_zpscp4wulwi.jpg

 photo IMG_7708_zpsa6hlfwd0.jpg

 photo IMG_7709_zpscehnpbyg.jpg

Dinosaur Planet
 photo IMG_7710_zpsxhxridyc.jpg

Its dinosaurs everywhere at EM District because there is a Dinosaur Planet there! I love dinosaurs but a pity their last admission is 8pm. So, no chance for now. Right beside ArtBox, but the whole place is so cool la!
Its 600฿ ↝ S$23.40 for an adult ticket.

 photo IMG_7711_zpsksao9kut.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zpsp9pupfgo.jpg

 photo IMG_7713_zpsarwyidga.jpg

 photo IMG_7714_zpssl6g5o84.jpg

 photo IMG_7715_zpscup8pzdy.jpg

 photo IMG_7717_zpsxduo41lk.jpg

Chose the one with water to make it seem realistic.

7. Artbox

 photo IMG_7720_zps1da7zinb.jpg

Before setting off to BKK, Cleo told me can skip ArtBox because its reduced by half the stalls and its no longer the container style, but they are in tents instead. But the 4 of us, being first-timers, how can skip Artbox and its so coincident that its opened when we were there.

 photo IMG_7722_zps5kt9f8le.jpg

 photo IMG_7723_zpsziknosa0.jpg

HEHE so happy to find these there! Cute wooden stuffs, all 4 of us got some loots from this stall. Apart from this, I think I didn't get anything else because shortly after, it started drizzling too. We also took some OOTD but I haven't sort them out, so I will compile all the OOTD pics from Hannah & Jacq's pictures and do another post if I have the mood.

 photo IMG_7724_zpsacdrqgga.jpg

 photo IMG_7725_zpscv8o1hrh.jpg

 photo IMG_7727_zpsc2pd2e2d.jpg

 photo IMG_7729_zps7g1q2w07.jpg

 photo IMG_7726_zps4mjzkosi.jpg

Accidental bokeh shot because iPhone is not focusing.

 photo IMG_7730_zpsmzbs3vah.jpg

First and last time on BTS! Its like our transit link card, so old school!

 photo IMG_7733_zpsstcuffo2.jpg
Corn Pie 29฿ ↝ S$1.15

Late night supper, corn pie is creamy and good! I had always love corn.

 photo IMG_7734_zpsr6qgxg1u.jpg
Curry Crab Pie 29฿ ↝ S$1.15

Which is not too bad, Jacq & Nikki eat this again, so it is good.

 photo IMG_7737_zpsq4h6jotl.jpg
Chocolate Pie 29฿ ↝ S$1.15

Brother whatsapp me that he was having Chocolate Pie in Aussie, so I can't lose to him, I also tried Chocolate Pie which is so bad, Cheap dry chocolate taste, Aussie's one also bad. So don't bother.

8. Foot Haven

 photo IMG_7746_zpspwimc5zd.jpg

Walked back to hotel area and the 4 of us went for foot and back massage!

Its just 250฿ ↝ S$9.75 for an hour. And me being a noob, the gals say I have to give them tips, or rather its better to give, so the tips is depending on how good i feel my masseur is. I gave her a tip of 100฿ ↝ S$3.90 which they say is a lot already. No wonder she is so happy.

I won't say the massage is very good, just that after 2 days of walking, its really nice to have someone to massage your feet, thighs, and back.

 photo IMG_7747_zpsk91m3bbw.jpg

Not sure what kind of tea they served us after the massage.

So its back to the hotel for another day of adventure the next day!

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