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Monday, June 6, 2016

Bangkok Day 1: Platinum Mall / Hua Mum Night Market

2nd June 2016 Thursday (Temperature is around 34-35deg cel in the day)
  1. Thai Milk Tea
  2. Traditional Thai Food
  3. The Platinum Fashion Mall
  4. Demi Concept Soft Serve
  5. Hua Mum Night Market ตลาดนัด หัวมุม เกษตรนวมิน

 photo IMG_7492_zpsmjpbrp1z.jpg

Hello!! Finally I am travelling (as what Cleo said, and she is freaking happy for me, like even more excited than me before I fly). Because work is so bad and hectic that I got no mood at all even the night before I am bound for Bangkok, so much that I even went jogging till late, and leaving with only 2.5 hours of sleep hahah!

I am thankful for this trip and travelling companions, it really keeps my mind off work COMPLETELY for that few days. I am also thankful that I have a no-fuss room partner Hannah, and the more BKK experience dong seangs Jacq & Nikki.

Hannah helped us to communicate a little in thai, and the dong seangs know roughly where to go, keep themselves awake on taxi rides to ensure our safety.

 photo IMG_7428_zpset3khnyo.jpg

Set off from home and its my first time taking train (in SG) with my luggage, first few steps to independence.

 photo IMG_7424_zpsiuap6f0a.png

I even checked the first train timing, as I need to arrive at airport at 6.30am.

 photo IMG_7432_zpsomugiuzb.jpg

Met up with Hannah first and we took pictures while waiting for Jacq & Nikki. I think many more friends are happy for me because this pic gathered over a hundred likes on Facebook.

 photo IMG_7424_zpscxsuk2dx.jpg

 photo IMG_7438_zpswlmbeiu4.jpg

Breakfast after checking in! As we took a budget flight, filling up our tummies before we board, is a must. S$4 for mineral water, no thanks!

 photo IMG_7429_zps6jkduge6.jpg

 photo IMG_7430_zpsvt5s3xzu.jpg

 photo IMG_7438_2_zpsjcfl80qy.jpg

 photo IMG_7426_zpscypoapvo.jpg

 photo IMG_7443_zpswgaly0qj.jpg

Taking pictures and laughing away as we took off! 3 ladies and a baby's fingers HAHA!

 photo IMG_7445_zpsxo0oxxvi.jpg

Reached BKK and we settled our sim card and off we go 1 level down to get a cab. The arrival hall at Suvarnabhumi Airport is all limousine taxis, so you have to go 1 level down for taxis for commoners like us. I can't recall how much is our cab ride to our hotel, maybe its around 600฿ ↝ S$23.40.

Reached our hotel, and we can check in immediately, awesome, so we unload everything and out we go. First stop is right at the alley of our hotel.

1. Thai Milk Tea (Opposite GAAM Hotel)

 photo IMG_7473_zpspzgaikzz.jpg

After reaching the hotel and checking in, we went to check out a nice Thai Green Milk Tea that is recommended by AroiMakMak. Its right opposite our hotel, GAAM Hotel. Opposite may sound far but its just a small alley only. Our hotel has 2 entrances, only 1 side has street food. And this is how the stall looks like. Missing this a lot as I am blogging.

 photo IMG_7469_zpsfyzaxfjb.jpg

 photo IMG_7477_zpsa1hr2dzp.jpg
Thai Milk Green Tea 20฿ ↝ S$0.78
Thai Milk Tea 20฿ ↝ S$0.78

Usually I am a thai milk tea > thai green milk tea kind of person, but the Thai Green Milk Tea is seriously nicer here!

Could drink this everyday, which Hannah & myself did except for the last day (Sunday) because they are closed. But of course that is if you are staying nearby, and not come all the way just to drink Thai Milk Tea.

2. Traditional Thai Food

 photo IMG_7487_zpsaclsgrc3.jpg

Its really hard to describe where some eateries are, as they are all over, and I don't even know where was I. And most eateries do not have a shop name. So this is our lunch place, recommended by Jacq & Nikki.

 photo IMG_7483_zpsufdgvfpp.jpg

 photo IMG_7486_zpsbcsn38np.jpg

 photo IMG_7484_zpsewqwhnpl.jpg

 photo IMG_7485_zpsoseungp0.jpg

These 4 dishes cost us 340฿ ↝ S$13.25 only! I am so satisfied with our cheap and good lunch.

Street Food
 photo IMG_7489_zpsu8ox5yti.jpg

 photo IMG_7488_zpsehghgoc4.jpg

 photo IMG_7490_zpsrilpkbwo.jpg

Right after our lunch, we bought street food - Deep Fried Pork Belly, which I had a piece. Its not too bad.

3. The Platinum Fashion Mall

 photo IMG_7493_zpsireu01ty.jpg

On the bridge while waiting for Hannah to buy some clothes last minute, so we stopped to snap some pictures.

 photo IMG_7498_zpscw742zg4.jpg

Then we stopped by the food court at Platinum, so its selfie time while waiting for Hannah to come back with food!

Me with my new cap which I bought at Krung Thong Plaza (the mall at the bridge connecting to Platinum Mall) for just 150฿ ↝ S$5.85 (after bargaining for a discount!)

 photo IMG_7501_zpst7ker5ab.jpg
Mango Sticky Rice 100฿ ↝ S$3.90

Tea break before combing the whole mall, the mango is sooooo sweet but I don't fancy the rice. Although pretty and colourful but its hard and cold. No complaints, the mangoes in Thailand are so good to compensate for the rice.

Shopping is pretty good, especially the ladies level, I got to practise self-control as this is only the first day. So I bought a few pieces of clothes, a cute Tsum Tsum Piglet D-Ring for only 100฿ ↝ S$3.90 (picture next time!).

4. Demi Concept Soft Serve

 photo IMG_7507_zpsysfqqbv0.jpg
Vanilla Charcoal Soft Serve with Chocolate Waffle 95฿ ↝ S$3.70
Matcha Soft Serve with Chocolate Waffle 95฿ ↝ S$3.70

Right outside the Mcdonalds at Platinum Mall. Hannah had warned us how bad this is, but we still insisted to try, and she is game for it too, thanks Hannah for compromising.

The weather is so hot and the soft serve melted too quickly before I can get a good shot. The vanilla charcoal is tasteless except sweet, green tea's is much better, but you can skip this la actually. Its really nothing fantastic.

 photo IMG_7508_zpsyra0qzky.jpg

Back to the hotel to clean up, as I sweat so much before heading out to Hua Mum Night Market!

5. ตลาดนัด หัวมุม เกษตรนวมิน Hua Mum Night Market

 photo IMG_7512_zpssbvkcypu.jpg

Hua Mum is so far away from our hotel, so we took a cab and the journey is about an hour. We decided to eat dinner first before the shopping, and we choose this similar to our ''Crab in the Bag'' place which is Talay Raberd but this name is no where displayed at the shop. Its beside a mookata shop.

(Edited: I was too blinded to see the sign hahah, there is actually a sign in front of the shop. Corrected by Nikki who was reading through my post shortly after I posted)

 photo IMG_7522_zps6vb5spvo.jpg

 photo IMG_7521_zpsymmivhsy.jpg

 photo IMG_7525_zpsavvnlamo.jpg
Seafood Set 499฿ ↝ S$19.45

You can choose form 2 kinds of sauce, Sea Bomb and Butter & Garlic. We had the former and requested for ''low medium''. Actually there is no ''low medium'' but the kind and good-looking boss is not sure what is our tolerance level for spiciness, therefore he gave us a ''low medium''.

 photo IMG_7524_zpstlpjkjpt.jpg
Cheesy Corn 49฿ ↝ S$1.90

Which is so good!

 photo IMG_7557_zpsd90virfp.jpg
Fried Squid 69฿ ↝ S$2.70

Its a little under-seasoned, the batter is jus plain batter with no taste. Still prefer the seafood set and corn.

 photo IMG_7529_zps6iizlool.jpg

This is the nice and good looking boss whom I added on FB. But he is taken. boohoo.

 photo IMG_7556_zpsn1u34wyc.jpg

A picture he took of us just because he wants to show us how to geotag this place. But actually, ended up must tag this night market in thai words haha!

 photo IMG_7530_zpsxncsffpu.jpg

 photo IMG_7532_zpsnlpppy9k.jpg

 photo IMG_7533_zpsla9dq3ik.jpg

A quick shot taken by Jacq.

 photo IMG_7534_zpsfpg6gwy5.jpg

 photo IMG_7535_zpsa4fxulrg.jpg

 photo IMG_7536_zpsu3ul3a4p.jpg

 photo IMG_7537_zpsl3ftgvzn.jpg

Love the whole concept of such night markets, if they are to have a similar one in Singapore, I think it will just flop big time. Sigh.

 photo IMG_7538_zps6rotlznj.jpg

Cute car stickers!

 photo IMG_7539_zpsvhbprvrf.jpg

Lots of earrings.

 photo IMG_7541_zpsup0pow86.jpg

Our another motive here is these cute buns!!

 photo IMG_7543_zps1bivxi2p.jpg

Putting our buns to steam!

 photo IMG_7553_zpsvqe5e8p7.jpg
Cartoon buns 25฿ each ↝ S$0.98 each

There are about 21 different characters, each with different fillings. We had Taro, Chocolate Banana, Black Bean, Matcha Cream, Milk Tea Cream, Mantou. The buns are very soft, however the fillings aren't that great. The best is taro which is worth a try.

 photo IMG_7552_zpspfg4ykqq.jpg
Pandan Kueh 100฿ ↝ S$3.90

I don't know what is the actual name for it anyway.

And we bought from the wrong stall. We chanced upon this very traditional stall but the way they make the kueh is so messy, instead of the kueh coming out nicely in this shape above, that traditional shop's chess are messy and long because each individual ''flower shape kueh'' is sticking together, and the batter did not fill up the whole mould.

After that we realised, AroiMakMak recommended the traditional stall which we gave it miss. ARGH.

 photo IMG_7547_zpsbxmvzaqd.jpg

This is the one we bought from.

Thats about it for the first day, as Jacq & Nikki went to massage near our hotel, Hannah & myself went back to rest.


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