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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tokyo - Shinjuku

Supper at 12.30am. :D
Chocolate cream Tokyo Banana. The leopard prints are so cute! Bought these and some normal ones for the colleagues and leopard prints' bananas are much more popular among them! 
9.48am: In Tokyo, we always wake up so so early and we had nothing to do! I was so hungry, standing outside the gate waiting for Lumine to open! This gate will open at 10am (1 hour earlier than whats stated).
The first to chiong here... to Soup Stock! 
Daniel Ang (food blogger & FM100.3 DJ) left a comment on my instagram, to try Soup Stock. 
I didn't think how nice can soup be, and Soup Spoon is quite alright for me.  
We ordered the largest set (which consist of 2 soups and a bread/rice) Y$900 SGD$14.31

Must intro the soup one by one because they are really worth my time! 
I am almost tearing and drooling (WTF, at the same time) while blogging this. Now I know how delicious it is! Koishii totally agree! He is not a soup person but this... blown him away heheheh! 

And after coming back to Singapore, I had huge cravings for Soup Stock but I can only settle for Soup Spoon :( 
Atlantic Lobster, Tomato & Potherb Bisque
165 Calories
Tokyo Borsch
185 Calories
Healthy meal for me! 
Samgetan 参鸡汤
138 Calories
Chicken Soup with Rainbow Vegetables
75 Calories
OMG the bread is so Q and so spongy! I could eat 5 at one go I think! 
I am going to have another try at Kirpsy Kreme!
The first time, it sucks so badly but everyone is saying how nice it is... 

So this time round, I ordered the Original Glazed. Oh my... what have I missed these few days! Its totally delish, soft and yummy. 
Y$160 SGD$2.54 for one, which is rather expensive for a original donut. In KL, where my supervisor always buy for us, its only SGD$0.60? Well, ok its Japan, and I will definately buy more the next time!

Caramel Macchiato Y$360 SGD$5.72

Really huge Takashimaya which is separated into 2 section, the one on the right is Tokyu Hands (i think 8 storeys - like Daiso but it have much more variety ranging from anything to anything wtf) and the one on the left is the branded boutiques and middle is departmental store.

Apart from cheap stationery, houseware, Tokyu Hands also sell Porter Bags, Deuter bags! But the prices for Porter & Deuter are much more expensive than Singapore's. Actually also good! Like that we don't have to spend much on such stuff.
Shortcut back to the hotel! This is our hotel. Cross opposite, cross the link bridge and reached Taka! OMG Convenient much.

Just before I was set for Japan, there is typhoon. And it is really realli super windy that my newly bought brolly almost flew away and so I kept it in my bag, then i got to deal with my hair and I got difficulty walk against the wind. LOL! Thank you for being safe. And continue to stay safe. 

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