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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank you for all things good

Hello I am back, after quite long. Too overwhelmed with many stuff/occasions that are happening around me! And I want to announce, XiaoHui had given birth to a baby girl, and a week plus later, BFF gave birth to a baby boy! 
Too touched by what is happening, although i am not the one giving birth. 
Really happy to see all the good things that is happening to the friends around me!
(more pictures coming up! but wait till I finished my Tokyo trip)

I know BFF since Primary Three (9 year old), watching her grow up, we grew up together.
I saw her first menses, I mean as far as I remember, she is the first in class to have menses. LOL WTF.
and many more.. I will come back on this topic!


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