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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

QQ Rice!

Finally get to try this, everybody said it was so good! Its good indeed! :P
Winter melon 奶盖 is damn nice! Salty & sweetness in a cup.
Wendy's Burger. NICEEE!

Bought another portable charger. So now I have 2! 
QQ Rice seemed to have come back!  They used to have stalls at Novena Square & PS (as far as I can remember) then they closed down. Now they are back (at NEX shopping mall) with SUPER LONG QUEUE! o.o 

Lots of fillings to choose from! One rice ball, you can ''squeeze'' 5 ingredients in it! Awesome, so good that you can choose whatever that you want. 

Bought 2 for mummy & 1 for myself!

I had duck meat, egg, chicken floss, mushroom & a vegetable. Very filling! It cost about SGD$4-5, not cheap.
And I had purple rice soyabean drink! Taste like Pulot Hitam/Orh-zu/Black Glutinous Rice dessert! 

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