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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tokyo - Goodbye

My last post on Tokyo for this August 2012 trip! :D
Goodbye to the lobby I always camwhore at. 
24.34kg! Damn heavy that I could not even carry.
Munching the duck pancake while waiting for shuttle bus to bring us to the airport, right from our hotel lobby! So convenient!
Y$3000 SGD$47.70 per trip, per adult from our hotel to airport.

Meal time after checking in!! Every restaurant/cafe looks good so we ''anyhow'' picked one!
Y$1200 SGD$19.08  for this awesome set of teriyaki chicken don.

Y$1300 SGD$20.67 Katsu Curry!
Went a little crazy and bought quite a lot of snacks.
Waiting for shuttle bus and there is a delay because there is a shortage of shuttle bus (WTF)
So, I bought a Salty Watermelon Pepsi! 

In the shuttle bus! Bringing us to our plane!

Heavy heart.
Boarding the plane now!!


Switch the TV to the fornt camera view and watch the plane going at the fastest speed (like it can't wait to send us back to Singapore) and then TAKE OFF. 

OMG & I almost cry. :(

Thats the last I saw of Tokyo, before we reach sky high, covered by clouds.
Goodbye Beautiful.

So I started to entertain myself with some movies, played this for 10 mins and decided to give up. Its like so boring.
Warm towel!
Crackers & green tea 1 hour after taking off.
Beer :D
At 7.12pm Japan time. 

Koishii's Crabmeat omelet with steamed rice. 
My cheese in chicken cutlet! Too sinful & I couldn't even finish half. Maybe I am too sick. Maybe I do not want to go home. Or maybe I miss home? :( 

Then I watched LockOut. 9.22pm. Then I dozed off, slept throughout the movie -_-

When I woke up, we landed. O.o 
11.35pm SIngapore time. Hello Singapore :D

Its good & not good to be back. HAHA! 

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