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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tokyo - Harajuku & Shibuya

Cut the previous post short because of this!
Had to finish up my Tokyo post, so that it feels like a stone being lifted. WTF I dont know why.
Me @ 7.50am.

Was up early because I had a breakfast mission: To go to Bills Omotesando. I heard they served awesome breakfast and the queue is really long. So I woke up early to head there! 
8.32am: reached! The mall is close, so we had to go to the back to take the elevator right to the top floor. Starbucks is at 6th floor, Bills is at 7th floor. 
While waiting for the elevator, many people joined us -_-
In my heart, I was hoping that all of them are heading to Starbucks. 

There are the only 2 places serving breakfast at this timing.

Lift reached 6th floor to drop off a couple of people, I saw a queue, which is leading all the way up the stairs. FML
Reached 7th floor, true enough the queue I saw downstairs was for Bills. The staff wrote my name (in Japanese somemore omg) and told me to come back at 10.45am, and queue. OMGWTF!

Left sadly, not knowing if I should go back, because I was really hungry. But decided to walk around first since we are at Harajuku, although i know very well that all the shops are closed. So it is a good chance to literally WINDOW SHOP.
The empty streets.
Hello to all the closed shops... .... .... 

The famous Angels Heart

OMG I have to say again (if i had mentioned befpre), the rubbish truck in Tokyo are very clean and not smelly AT ALL! Really NO SMELL. Trust me. U see how clean the truck is. No dripping of smelly yellowish liquid from the truck. WTF. Japanese, you have no liquids thrown away? All the rubbish are dry, clean tissues & papers? No rotten food? 

The very famous landmark that every tourist & even Japanese will take a picture of, if they ever come here. 
But those I saw online, this street is filled with people. Crowded to the max, worse than our Bugis Street.
9am: I think at this point I am freaking hungry. And bear in my mind I am a sick GIRL there, at that point of time.
Tamagotchi Doughnuts wtf, too cute please.
9.05am: I saw YOSHINOYA. OK, this is the killer. 
Told Koiishi ''lets share a bowl, and then we rest a while before going to Bills at 10.45am''.

The Yoshinoyas in Tokyo (so far I saw about 5-6 outlets) are bar-counters kind of seating, unlike here - fast food restaurant kind). I sneakily took a shot. The ''kitchen'' is right in front of me. 
Y$380 SGD$6.04 for a Pork Bowl. I don't know what the actual name. But its is thinly sliced pork with yummy sauce (my own description). 
Top up Y$110 SGD$1.75 to get a salad and miso soup.
I beg you to try this when you are ever in Japan. I want to try the beef bowl so that I can compare with the standard here. Next time, hopefully!

10.10am: Finally Calbee+ is opened! The cup may look familiar to you but this is freshly made fries. 

OMG I BEG YOU, you got to try this TOO! Really! Really please try. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET.
It is crispy on the outside, soft and fresh in the inside, then they have this saltish saltish seasoning coated on the outside, which made everything PERFECT.
Y$240 SGD$3.82
Hokkaido Ice cream, too hard for me to resist. 
Y$250 SGD$3.98 
This is very yummy too! Koiishi seldom say ice cream nice or seldom crave or want to eat ice cream. But this... I swear he would want to come back here again.
Below are some shots I sneakily took, inside the shop.

I so want everything!
OMG and they have freshly made potato chips and criss cut fries, and drizzled with chocolate syrup somemore! 
Please go there, purposely visit Harajuku because of this also can, and there are a lot of shops to shop too! Like bugis village but nicer. Because people are nicer. 

I give you the address:
1-16-8 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 
After eating, past by Angels Heart. Opened already, cannot resist the temptation so I queued up.

Ice caramel nuts whipped cream crepe Y$450 SGD$7.16.
Cannot really see the caramel, nuts, cream... o.o

Nah, thats the best! 
Oh ya and it finally drizzled! 
Once I got my crepe, it started to drizzle, and I find no shelter. I protected my crepe and hid behind the stall and ate my crepe in a pathetic way. But it still taste yummy. 
The common picture. As it gets crowded, so I might as well jus take another picture. 
Ok, Now I am really feeling full. 
10.45am: Finally its time. After Yoshinoya pork bowl, Calbee+ Fries, Hokkaido soft serve, Angels Heart Crepe, I declared that I am not going to Bills. 
So, you can read more on Bills here and tell me why am I tempted.

Since I had given up on going Bills, its time for some shopping seriously since most shops are already opened.
Gap! I love how they ''advertise''/given out coupons this way.
Because it is summer (oh ya by the way, the rain stopped as soon as I finished my crepe, wanted to get a brolly for the 757685th time there in Tokyo but no chance, since its not raining already), so it is really hot, so they gave out these cardboard fan...
With this advert behind, telling you to tear off the little rectangular box to reveal how many % your discount will be like.
I've got 30%! :D
Tired from all the walking plus I was feeling unwell. Time to sit down for a drink and rest! You can see Segafredo everywhere. 
Lacoste Live!

Awesome Audi building!

Buses with adverts and music!

1.52pm: Walked from Harajuku to Shibuya!
Statues of Avengers! Aparantly I think at that point of time, they have not show Avengers in Japan yet. So thats why its so hot. You can see their posters at the MRT stations. This huge one is at Shibuya. Thor <3
Bling Merz! Totally blinged TTM.
Shibuya 109!
Popped in to a departmental store, and after so many days there, I finally decided that I should just buy an umbrella! I did not buy one for the past few days because the umbrellas that I like, are all SGD$100-150 :( 
How could I bear to buy! 

Finaly past by this department store selling huge range of umbrellas! For sun only, for rain etc. So pretty! 

Bought a red one with white polka dots for rain & shine, so that I can use in Singapore too! I had put it in my bag and faithfully using it ever since I came back from Tokyo. :D
I forgotten how much it is, but it should be aroung SGD$30-45. 
Club KT in Shibuya 109!! A shop selling kitty stuff with a DJ. How cool.
And the DJ is really hot. 

3.30pm: spot this cool cafe at a corner. 
ok, its called ''On the corner'' LOL.
Not hungry, so we ordered a american breakfast to share. 
The 4th on the bread menu. 

The very awesome English Breakfast for tea break! 
Y$750 SGD$11.93

Ootoya!! Had this in Singapore!
9.30pm: After much shopping, headed to the hotel, put our shopping stuff and head out nearby to shop and have dinner! 

Must act yi ge princess since I am on a holiday. At least I don't look weird there. 

Camwhored & act cute even when I am walking on the streets o.O

Food floor is where our last stop is.
In a Korean restaurant because that is the only decent one still opened.
Sliced beef set with rice, pancake, soup and 2 kimchi sides for Y$1260 SGD$20.03
I had fried tang hoon which I had forgotten how much :X
Since all the shops are closed, we walk the whole Shinjuku and went to deserted parts of Shinjuku. 
Family mart! Favourite convenient store in Taiwan & Tokyo! 
Marlboro Ice Blast in 1mg & 5mg.
Calpis ice ! I love anything Calpis! 
Go Go Curry!!
Back to the room, my buys for today! 
Receipts O.O

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