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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Din Tai Fung Rice Dumplings

We all know that the Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, on 2nd June 2014. 

Whenever this festival is coming, I would remember it as ''Rice Dumpling Festival'', because its when everywhere is selling rice dumplings. I loveeeeee rice dumplings, I could eat them daily. 

This Dragon Boat Festival, the team of culinary chefs at Din Tai Fung is proud to present the return of its popular Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork which has garnered a steady following of fans since its first launch in 2012.  

 photo file_zps91b858c3.jpg

Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork is filled with succulent premium pork belly steeped in a secret marinade recipe and stuffed within tender top grade Taiwan glutinous rice for a soft and chewy texture. The dumplings are then wrapped in bamboo leaves, allowing the rice to absorb the fragrance of the leaves and tender pork, creating a heavenly aroma and flavour in every mouthful.

Available at all Din Tai Fung restaurants from 1 May – 2 June 2014 at S$6 per piece.

And if you had noticed the pretty flowery yellow and red bag behind, its actually a limited edition insulated picnic bag, you can get it for free with every purchase of 10 dumplings or for S$8.90 with any dumpling purchased.

Art of making, Wrapped with Love

1.    Thoughtful Preparation

Top grade Taiwan glutinous rice is lightly flavoured with premium soya sauce and marinated by hand to avoid damaging the rice grains.

用上油加入糯米, 然后用手慢慢翻糯米让酱油均匀地裹住每米粒, 达到色作用。

2.    Marinated in Secret Recipe
Each piece of premium pork belly is sliced with precision and is then marinated in 15 types of spices and condiments for 8 hours to ensure each piece of savoury fork-tender meat is brimming with robust flavours.

将特五花肉精准地切成薄片。然后用15味料及佐料把肉片腌制8个小, 能保每一片肉味均秤, 可口, 溢醇厚味。

3.    Skillfully Wrapped
Using bamboo leaves, each dumpling is hand-wrapped and stuffed with glutinous rice and a piece of pork belly, hand-wrapped into a unique pillow shape. Each dumpling is measured in weight and length, to ensure consistency in taste and presentation.

粽子裹有糯米及一片五花肉, 采用台湾竹叶手工包成独特的枕状外形。口感及外形的一致性, 每只粽子的重量和度必均等。

4.    Tied with Precision
Dumplings are wrapped around 8 times with a string to ensure that an even amount of pressure is applied to render a perfectly shaped dumpling that is deeply-infused with natural flavours from the rice and pork.


5.    Ready to Serve
Dumplings are steamed over low heat for 2 hours and served hot.

用温火蒸煮粽子 2 后,即可马上享用!

Next up: 

 photo file_zpsb74aa46c.jpg

Specially imported from Din Tai Fung Taiwan, our Red Bean Rice Dumplings are hand-made using top grade Taiwan glutinous rice and generously stuffed with the finest red bean paste. Rich in minerals and fibre, each mouth-watering bite will leave you craving for more.

The best thing is that it is available year-long at all Din Tai Fung restaurants, for S$5 per piece.

And the next great best thing is, they are having a promotion currently, from 1 May to 30 June, Diners can enjoy a complimentary piece of Red Bean Rice Dumpling with a minimum spend of $90 at Din Tai Fung while OCBC Cardmembers only need a minimum spend of $80.

Thank you DI Tai Fung for the rice dumplings!

Din Tai Fung
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