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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lin's Birthday!

I am fair, after posting Fang & Na's BD dinner, now its Lin's turn! 
Out running errands, so its a cute tee in the morning!
Grabbed a slice of pizza for lunch.
I suggested a PotLuck party for Lin's BD at her crib, so I am getting sushi & cake! 
Blackforest icecream cake from Swensens, I dislike blackforest because I don't like the blueberry or cherry. But the rude Indian staff at NEX's Swensens assure me that it is PURELY CHOCOLATE. I was thinking ''why name the cake BLACKFOREST then?'' 

Rushed home, bathed, changed and Fang fetched us to Lin's place! 
New top from Liz Nana! Japanese clothing shop!
Hello Melo! 
Potluck prepared/bought by the 4 of us! 

Too much bread that we couldn't finish.
Bee hoon fried by Na but ended up Lin took over.
A plate of children's favourites fried by the host. 

Cupcakes made by Na. Fake ones la.

Macarons made by my cousin. HAHAH! 
Happy Birthday dearest Lin! 
We have been through lots of fights, shouting, quarrels, but I still love you. 

The husband. 
四美s. Happy that all of them are married! YAYY! 

Polaroid spams!
Melo looked like she did something wrong!

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