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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Entertainer 2018 bundled with Cheers 2018 and Bali 2018 (Early Bird Discount!)


Early Bird Discount till 30th November 2017: Entertainer 2018 S$95, comes with Cheers Singapore 2018 and Bali 2018!

Last week, I attended The Entertainer event where I was introduced The Entertainer 2018 as well as early bird discount and the bundle that comes with it. As a faithful customer of The Entertainer, I will recommend to grab the deal when there is an early bird discount. I hesitated last year and ended up paying the full amount for 2017's Entertainer App when i decided to purchase it in March 😑 and they were also giving Cheers 2017 for free last year if you purchase Entertainer 2017, so I missed the chance to save even more on drinks! 😢

If you are new to Entertainer App or have not heard of it before, it basically offers 1,700 1-for-1 deals at restaurants, bars, attractions, activities, hotels, spas, gyms, retail etc. 

Cheers Singapore 2018: Expect hundreds of 1-for-1 offers at restaurants / bars like Nutmeg & Clove, Aria Roofbar, Pauline Clarke Quay, Pluck, Kinki Roofbar and more. Cheers Singapore 2018 is available on its own S$95 (early bird S$45) or get it free when you purchase Entertainer 2018. 

Bali 2018: Its all new and it includes hundreds of 1-for-1 offers at restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island, like Cocoon, Nude Canggu, Pison Coffee, Creamery Bar and more. Bali 2018 is retailing at S$25 or get it free when you purchase Entertainer 2018.

Another new ''feature'' is that Entertainer members can enjoy exclusive access to Entertainer Getaways which is a brand new in-app booking engine - browsing the huge range of exclusive hotel room rates and book directly from the Entertainer app. Wow, cant wait to try it out.

Some of the pictures I took at the Event.

I am an Entertainer Member since 2014 when I got it free and within the same month I went ahead to purchase 2015's. 

Here are some of the places where we had our 1-for-1 deals! I always tell B that we can date and eat something good but only paying half the amount.

Somewhere middle of the year when B just changed a new job, we wanted to plan a Bangkok trip so i used the Entertainer in-app feature to send an enquiry to Pathumwan Princess Hotel (strategic location).

This was what the hotel replied. Very efficient service I received from the hotel but definitely not the resorts in Batam when I sent enquiries. 

So basically, hotels offers is ''buy 1 night, get 1 night free''! Sad to say in the end due to B's work commitments and his constant work trips, our Bangkok trip got to be postponed. 

Thats not all, if your friends did not purchase Entertainer but would like to use the 1 for 1 deal, you have 10 chances to ''ping'' them. Your friends just got to download the free Entertainer app and create an account, and you transfer them the 1-for-1 deal to their email address. This was what I ping Jacq 😊

Lastly, you can see what was redeemed on your app as well as an estimated savings. Now my 2018 resolution is to use Entertainer even more often, I always end up forgetting. 

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