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Monday, June 12, 2017

Fujifilm launches Instax SQUARE SQ10!

Instax SQUARE SQ10

Hello I am back to revive my blog as well as reviewing my latest gadget - the Instax SQUARE SQ10!

Was at the launch of Instax SQ10 last month at Fujifilm and I was quite blown away by the new polaroid. I once had my first polaroid which is Mini 50s Piano Black, so I am not new to polaroid. 

Why I actually stopped using my Piano Black is because the battery is expensive, about S$7-8 per battery and since I only use it once a while, I have to buy the battery everytime I use it. Secondly I got sick of it, the same old usual style and its tedious taking polaroids because my face always gets cut off, then my iPhone cameras with apps like MTXX does a better job, I stopped using my Mini 50s totally and soon it broke down when I try to use it again. And I threw it away when I shifted office the other time. 

Apart from the launch of SQ10, Fujifilm also launched Instax mini 9 which comes in 5 different colours, you may check them out here.

So back to the event, cute little fun kits were given to us, I gave them to my god children to play as it contains a set of coloured pencils. Love the nice touch where we get our customised kits. 

This is the all new Instax Square SQ10 and I love it so much! 
You will see. 

Before the start of the event, we get to take pictures from the Instax SQ10 and we were in awe.

With William, Hannah, Leong, Edward and Eleanor. 

We get to customised our cameras too, only at the event. 

Look at how pretty it is written. 

Went home to unbox and finally getting start on my camera, and I finally brought it out to B's house so that I can take a picture with him! 

Why I prefer Instax SQ10 so much to other polaroids: 
  • Its the 1st Instax with a LCD monitor (you can see in the picture above) 
  • The films are square, therefore can fit more people as compared to the portrait type
  • No more accidental cropping off of your friends' faces
  • There is even a self timer of 2-second and 10-second. I wish there is a 5-second though. 
  • No more films wastage (this is very useful, I wasted so much films before!), due to bad and blur pictures taken
  • Dual shutters on the left and right of the camera, very friendly to left-handers as well as right-handers too
  • Internal memory of about 50 pictures, if its not enough for your use, you can also save them in micro SD card
  • No more buying of expensive batteries, because it comes with a NP-50 rechargeable battery that can lasts approximately 160 prints, and takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge it
  • Another feature I really love, you can reprint a picture again and again. For my Mini 50s, I can select to print 2 or a few pieces of the picture I am going to take next, but what if the picture turns out bad, a few films will go to waste. For Instax SQ10, you can go back to your album and print as many times as you want
  • Lastly, you can adjust the brightness, vignette, double exposure, bulb, macro, thumbnail print and 10 pretty filters to choose from! 

Look at what I have developed for myself and B! Placed our picture on his desk, so that he can look at us when he is using his laptop hahah!! 

Instax SQ10 is renewing my love for polaroid especially now that I have a loved one to share precious memories with, and of course with my beloved friends too. But so far I only have the chance to use it with B. I have bought another 5 films so that I can spam polaroids with my friends! 

The other day using Hannah's, having fun in her office!

The Instax SQUARE SQ10 camera is selling at a retail price of S$499 at all Fujifilm.

Thank you Fujifilm for the Instax SQUARE SQ10!

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