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Friday, July 31, 2015

Hong Kong Day 5: Sham Shui Po, Disneyland, Tung Chung, Jordan

20th December 2014 Saturday (10.8°C - 17.7°C)

  1. 7-11
  2. Kung Woo Dou Bun Chong 公和荳品廠
  3. Tim Ho Wan 添好運點心專門店
  4. Disneyland
  5. Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳
  6. Mcdonalds
  7. Yee Shun Dairy

Finally back again with my Hong Kong post! K purposely chosen today to go to Disneyland, he thinks that weekends at Disneyland is more fun.

 photo IMG_0439_zpszm6qhlea.jpg

8.13am: Today's weather turned a little warmer, thank god, because I planned to wear our couple tee.

1. 7-11

 photo IMG_0752_zpsrkshu3gn.jpg
Kowloon Dairy Milk HKD10 ↝ S$1.70

Started off the day with this milk we bought the night before at 7-11.

 photo IMG_0753_zpsryrhhhfz.jpg

 photo IMG_0754_zps1g8b9goj.jpg

2. Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong 公和荳品廠

G/F, 118 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po

 photo IMG_0755_zpsfccchaqx.jpg

8.43am: Here because its recommended by Florence, my dear Hong Kong friend in Singapore!

 photo IMG_0756_zps49i9mh2a.jpg

 photo IMG_0758_zps3miwbquj.jpg

 photo IMG_0759_zpsjgcox3gy.jpg

 photo IMG_0760_zpsqfttoat5.jpg

Beancurd were kept warm in this big vase that my mum used for her plants.

 photo IMG_0761_zpstud057du.jpg

 photo IMG_0762_zps53lwxsak.jpg

 photo IMG_0763_zps3hxzrqow.jpg

 photo IMG_0772_zps3wgwpavx.jpg
Beancurd HKD8 ↝ S$1.40

I love beancurd so much, thanks to K for arranging the trip here specially for beancurd and this is so much and so much smoother than the one we had at 珍豆酱豆腐花 the other day with Lirong & YG.

 photo IMG_0776_zpsavjhjn93.jpg

 photo IMG_0764_zpsepczg4k0.jpg

 photo IMG_0765_zpsttwruvtj.jpg

 photo IMG_0884_zpsptiburpd.jpg

8.56am: We were on the move and heading to Tim Ho Wan!

 photo IMG_0885_zpszp0nsizh.jpg

3. Tim Ho Wan 添好運點心專門店

 G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po

 photo IMG_0887_zpsivu46u04.jpg

9.01am: This is not the usual Tim Ho Wan, this is the most popular and most crowded Tim Ho Wan of all!

 photo IMG_0891_zps4esxiqnh.jpg

 photo IMG_0889_zpsbte2tsl3.jpg

I was so scare that it will be very crowded, thank god it looked ok from the outside, and we got in immediately yay!

 photo IMG_0893_zpsgkd23okd.jpg

We washed our utensils with hot tea.

 photo IMG_0892_zpsmisf4ayt.jpg

 photo IMG_0897_zpsedd3rceg.jpg

 photo IMG_0894_zpsmec3v4e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0900_zpsimwpdv4v.jpg
Prawn Cheong Fun HKD22 ↝ S$3.80

Skin already look smooth here, nothing more to be said.

 photo IMG_0901_zpshtbkpntk.jpg
Baked Char Siew Bun HKD18 ↝ S$3.10

 photo IMG_0902_zpsv4dx002b.jpg

 photo IMG_0903_zpshz4kzdha.jpg
Har Gow HKD26 ↝ S$4.50

 photo IMG_0905_zpslotowjcv.jpg
Siew Mai HKD26 ↝ S$4.50

 photo IMG_0482_zpsfd9imbdf.jpg

4. Disneyland

Lantau Island

 photo IMG_0485_zpswoaurk36.jpg

 photo IMG_0501_zpsy4zbqc1o.jpg

10.02am: Yay! The trains are disney-themed! We didn't get to take the trains in Tokyo DisneySea, I was so glad that we have the chance now.

 photo IMG_0503_zps3a0ewwlb.jpg

 photo IMG_0505_zpswi5l2uon.jpg

 photo IMG_0507_zpsmk2j65n4.jpg

 photo IMG_0509_zps3jidbdhc.jpg

 photo IMG_0511_zpsz9muvmuz.jpg

 photo IMG_0517_zpsat1aglfa.jpg

Ticketing counter.

 photo IMG_0723_zpswai8vpik.jpg

 photo IMG_0724_zpsgursji2a.jpg

K requested a picture while we were waiting to collect our tickets.

 photo IMG_0528_zpstz5fuvag.jpg

 photo IMG_0726_zps4u7lmlue.jpg

10.36am: The queue is already very long!

 photo IMG_0535_zpstwrwa6pt.jpg

 photo IMG_0728_zpszzoukevc.jpg

 photo IMG_0538_zps6qrpatup.jpg

 photo IMG_0539_zpsnwqd6ryy.jpg

 photo IMG_0542_zpssa6ikgjt.jpg

 photo IMG_0564_zpsmnj8pcjc.jpg

Wee!! Picture with Duffy!

 photo IMG_0568_zpsrdfkxeqz.jpg

So cute!! I really love this picture!

 photo IMG_0571_zpsqysyq8bk.jpg

Wanted to buy these for ourselves but decided to give them to SIL instead!

 photo IMG_0572_zpsgqkltcnh.jpg

Lots of Tsum Tsums and I am slapping myself now for not getting any!

 photo IMG_0573_zps3d8nevvr.jpg

 photo IMG_0577_zpswtvgzbvo.jpg

 photo IMG_0578_zpssg2lqcvp.jpg

 photo IMG_0579_zpsij3hw2vu.jpg

 photo IMG_0940_zpsy9reryct.jpg

 photo IMG_0941_zpsf1httaoe.jpg
Mickey Mouse Waffle HKD50 ↝ S$8.60

 photo IMG_0584_zpsnqwmen6e.jpg

Lots of ''Cinderella birds'', I don't know why I gave them this name. I love the cold air and the hot sun, seems to be the perfect combination!

 photo IMG_0589_zps60hm7v87.jpg

 photo IMG_0586_zpshpprh7cy.jpg

This is such a cute bouquet and it doesn't whither like real flowers.

 photo IMG_0590_zpscbffefgu.jpg

 photo IMG_0591_zpsvhojyd5a.jpg

 photo IMG_0594_zpsevkfjjug.jpg

 photo IMG_0597_zpsxx1kbtuz.jpg

 photo IMG_0599_zpsbp4ehijm.jpg

 photo IMG_0602_zpsmtbbv2bc.jpg

 photo IMG_0608_zpswpdefhoe.jpg

 photo IMG_0600_zpskr7xco7o.jpg

 photo IMG_0730_zpsnytmt2on.jpg

K really want my life by spinning the teacup really fast and he captured this shot with my camera.

 photo IMG_0731_zpsyhfhwtmp.jpg

And me trying to hold my phone tightly while taking videos.

 photo IMG_0943_zpsm1leppbq.jpg
Mango Sago HKD35 ↝ S$6

 photo IMG_0609_zpslvh0lexp.jpg

 photo IMG_0652_zpsewukpdll.jpg

 photo IMG_0655_zps45uekzil.jpg

 photo IMG_0657_zpsydatzxro.jpg

 photo IMG_0663_zpsqaztijrh.jpg

 photo IMG_0670_zpsyfk1pci3.jpg

 photo IMG_0675_zps9zl29bvp.jpg

 photo IMG_0686_zps3gc3bzaz.jpg

 photo IMG_0690_zpsbngdwvew.jpg

 photo IMG_0691_zpsewfl5zjb.jpg

 photo IMG_0692_zpsyd46drfr.jpg

 photo IMG_0695_zps9m7odbuo.jpg

 photo IMG_0698_zps1eseprtd.jpg

 photo IMG_0699_zpsdh8sjz1y.jpg

 photo IMG_0702_zpsxkqocyon.jpg

 photo IMG_0703_zpsjau59pq8.jpg

 photo IMG_0948_zpsloaszzgc.jpg
Turkey Leg HKD50 ↝ S$8.62

K can never resist Turkey Leg and he insisted to buy. Although I am not a fan, it does smell good.

 photo IMG_0740_zpsijdlcet9.jpg

 photo IMG_0742_zpsj8golxaq.jpg

 photo IMG_0746_zps7704ct3v.jpg

 photo IMG_0747_zpsbbvv2drn.jpg

 photo IMG_0750_zpsvkd3mfq1.jpg

 photo IMG_0751_zpsmtbdn2q8.jpg

 photo IMG_0778_zpsaixdxxby.jpg

 photo IMG_0779_zps967kriuu.jpg

 photo IMG_0780_zpsxzoadaxv.jpg

 photo IMG_0781_zpsbagoubkt.jpg

 photo IMG_0783_zps3lnlcfxi.jpg

 photo IMG_0788_zpsq6zanu0d.jpg

 photo IMG_0789_zpsfsn260os.jpg

 photo IMG_0790_zpszcpzh9tl.jpg

 photo IMG_0946_zpsar3ixdp8.jpg
Mickey Sushi Bento HKD118 ↝ S$20.35

My lunch!

 photo IMG_0947_zpscoxctw80.jpg

 photo IMG_0944_zps6xc211sd.jpg
Curry Rice HKD128 ↝ S$22.05

K's lunch!

 photo IMG_0945_zpsfhabac76.jpg

 photo IMG_0798_zps9lfzcpsy.jpg

5.51pm: Leaving Disneyland after a whole day of fun :(

 photo IMG_0799_zps4hgk87mg.jpg

 photo IMG_0953_zps8s9qgm1h.jpg

A gift for myself!

 photo IMG_0922_zps2dwhdimw.jpg

 photo IMG_0923_zpsq1qzjrjv.jpg

 photo IMG_0842_zpsvcxhzjju.jpg

 photo IMG_0843_zpsmeldxyuh.jpg

 photo IMG_0844_zps31xha9pz.jpg

 photo IMG_0866_zpsan3ghou4.jpg

7.50pm: Reached Citygate outlets for some shopping and dinner. Sadly I didn't get anything here and immediately regret, I should have bought the Kate Spade Bag.

5. Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳

Shop 101, 1/F, Fu Tung Plaza, Fu Tung Estate, Tung Chung

 photo IMG_0968_zpsxmexsoua.jpg
Iced Milk Tea

Specially here to try the Bottled Iced Milk Tea in bucket and it was not available.

 photo IMG_0970_zpsakly3hek.jpg
Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk HKD18 ↝ S$3.10

Our favourite and must-order as usual!

 photo IMG_0973_zpscl3lmvqp.jpg
Shrimp & Scrambled Egg with Rice HKD56 ↝ S$9.65

 photo IMG_0977_zpsl765lzjl.jpg
Mini Wantons with Noodles & Shrimp Roe in Fish Soup HKD32 ↝ S$5.50

This is the worst wanton noodles I ever had in Hong Kong. I only had 2 mouthful of the noodles. Mak's is so much better!

6. Mcdonalds

Shop 112, 1/F, Citygate Outlets, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung

 photo IMG_0950_zpskcns3ijh.jpg
Green Tea Ice Cream HKD5 ↝ S$0.85

 photo IMG_0882_zpsjmaneyg6.jpg

 photo IMG_0883_zpst5k7beiz.jpg

 photo IMG_0906_zps2pyq8oc2.jpg

 photo IMG_0907_zpsjpim5p8o.jpg

 photo IMG_0911_zpsmufhczte.jpg

9.50pm: Love these late night walks and exploring a totally new place.

 photo IMG_0912_zpsxwanmqdc.jpg

7. Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司

63 Pilkem St,, Jordan

 photo IMG_0993_zpsdmygio1z.jpg

10.10pm: As night falls, the weather got colder and we happened to pass by Yee Shun Dairy Company and I was craving for something really hot!

 photo IMG_0988_zpsl006sjvn.jpg

 photo IMG_0989_zpsb1rfjzmr.jpg

 photo IMG_0979_zpsabwdegig.jpg
Milk Pudding HKD29 ↝ S$5

Really comforting but we think Australian Dairy's better.

 photo IMG_0918_zpscrlcgqrz.jpg

 photo IMG_0920_zps1v3uxzla.jpg

So happy to see our local brands!

Thats all for our Day 5 adventures!

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