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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dreams do come true. Wait for it.

Hello again! Had been negecting this space again but thanks to the number of pictures I took daily, my iphone ran out of space. So i have to transfer the pictures and at the same time, update a bit here.

 photo file_zpsa32870e3.jpg

This is the scene NOW. Whoppers strawberry that K got for me from Candylicious S$4.50.

Expect it to taste like Pocky Strawberry but it does not.

Expect it to taste like malteesers since its malt balls but it does not.

It was a disappointment.

But something to cheer me up!

 photo file_zpsea710ea9.jpg

The second time (if i didn't miss the others of his likes) he likes me picture/video! I feel so happy & excited until i told myself ''its just a like. Might be on accident.

(Days ago, I was telling K if Tommy were to follow me, it will be a dream come true, so I dream on.)

Then out of curiosity, I went to see who/what kind of people Tommy followed in Instagram. So i scroll and scroll and was telling my friends, ''so many girls'', until i saw THIS...

 photo file_zpsfb00c62d.jpg

OMG..... He was following me since don't know when. Thank you :) Dreams do come true!

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